WebSpellChecker.net Wiki

Installing WebSpellChecker.net Application on Linux

Preparation stage

If your version is less then v 4.4, please find the installation manual.
NOTE: The WebSpellChecker.net application server should run on CGI capable web-server with enabled CGI handler.
For example for Ubuntu and Apache 2.4:
sudo a2enmod cgi
sudo service apache2 restart
NOTE: Additional configuration is required for Linux enterprises with enabled SELinux


The WebSpellChecker.net application has been natively designed to run on 32-bit operational system. In order to run it on Linux x64 platform you need to install x86 compatibility libraries :

  • For Ubuntu:
sudo apt-get ia32-libs
  • For RHEL 5:
yum groupinstall "Legacy Software Support"
yum groupinstall "Legacy Software Development"
  • For RHEL 6:
yum groupinstall "Compatibility Libraries"  
yum groupinstall "Development tools"


Automated installation

Please unpack content of the WSC_SCAYT.<VERSION>.tar.gz to your home directory, change your working directory to “WSC” and execute the following command:

sudo perl automated_install.pl

License agreement

Please read the WebSpellChecker.net License agreement.

Please accept License agreement to proceed.


In the following dialog please define the WebSpellChecker.net application permissions.

Sproxy component

SPROXY component is used for WSC as standalone application (Content editable and form controls) and for WSC plugin for TinyMCE editor.
Please choose necessary SPROXY type.

Network settings

Then please specify hostname, protocol and the virtual directory to adjust network settings.

The following output illustrates that all network settings were successfully applied.

Including application settings to Apache config

WebSpellChecker.net configuration should be included into the Apache server configuration. Please specify one of the paths (from 1 to 3) in the prompt or custom location (4) of your Apache config file.

NOTE: For WebSpellChecker.net version less than 4.6.2 and Apache version more than 2.4 the application's configuration should be included manually.

Please find the steps:

  1. Select path (3) and put the /etc/apache2/conf-available path to Apache configuration
  2. After full installation do the following:
  • Open the WebSpellChecker.net configs (conf-available directory) and add the following lines into the <Directory> block:
    Require all granted
  • Include the WebSpellChecker.net config files into conf-enabled directory as sym links using a2enconf command:
    sudo a2enconf [name_of_config]
    So it will be:
    sudo a2enconf 1_proxy.conf
    sudo a2enconf 2_samples.conf
    sudo a2enconf 3_WebInterface.conf
  • Restart the Apache 2.4 web server for the changes to take effect:
    sudo service apache2 restart

License appliance

During the following step you`ll be able to request license, apply it and restart the AppServer. Please note that you can apply license manually anytime you want by executing command.

Restarting of the Apache web server is mandatory operation. Expected downtime is a few seconds, so please restart the Apache in suitable time frame.

sudo sh <WebSpellChecker.net_Installation_Dir>/WSC/AppServer/requestLicense.sh

If you`d like to go ahead and apply license right away please proceed:

  1. Enter your name or your company on the “Please enter UserId” field.
  2. Copy generated License Request string
  3. Paste License Request string to appropriate field
  4. Copy ticket value from the received e-mail
  5. Paste into appropriate field on License Service form
  6. Submit request
  7. The e-mail with License Response string will be sent to your purchase email
  8. Copy the License Response
  9. Enter it in the line on the “Please enter license reply” field.
  10. The script displays the message “License confirmed” if the License Reply is correct.

Start WebSpellChecker.net Application Server

WebSpellChecker requires its Application Server to be running.

After getting a license, you need to run the WebSpellChecker Application Server.

Try the WebSpellChecker.net Application

Automates set up is completed. Please test newly installed application as explained below:

  • Try to access via browser http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/script/ssrv.cgi?cmd=ver.

    <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.

    Application version should appear.

  • Try to access via browser http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/proxy/sproxy.<extension>?cmd=ver.

    Where <extension> is the extension of your sproxy version and <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.

    SProxy component version should appear.

  • Try to access the WebSpellChecker.net default sample pages http://<spellcheck_host>/spellcheck/samples/ and check correct work of SCAYT and WSC samples.

    Where <spellcheck_host> is the web server where WebSpellChecker.net application is installed.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions to Technical support.